About Dr. Illig

Portrait of Dr. IlligKarl A. Illig, MD, joined the Dialysis Access Institute (DAI) at the Regional Medical Center (RMC) after serving as chief of vascular surgery and associate chair for faculty development at the University of South Florida (USF Health). A graduate of Harvard College and Cornell Medical School, Illig completed his residency, research fellowship and vascular surgery fellowship at the University of Rochester, where he would later serve as chief of vascular surgery.

A senior board examiner (and former board member) for the Vascular Surgery Board/American Board of Surgery, Illig has performed more than 2,500 dialysis access procedures and is regarded as a preeminent specialist in the treatment of thoracic outlet syndrome, a frequently misdiagnosed condition that causes pain or numbness due to compression of the nerves at the base of the neck.

Dr. Illig has performed more than 500 thoracic outlet decompressions, with published reports documenting 90% and 95% success rates for neurogenic and venous TOS, respectively. He was the committee chairman and lead author of the Society for Vascular Surgery’s Thoracic Outlet Syndrome Reporting Standards, served as the primary editor for the only comprehensive textbook on TOS and has authored more than 200 book chapters and peer-reviewed articles on the subject.

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