Physical, Occupational & Speech Therapies - Outpatient

Rehabilitation Services

The road to recovery from injury or illness can be a long process. Even when the most pressing matters of your medical problem are resolved, it can take time to get your body back to where it used to be. Patients who need continued support after their acute care has ended can continue their recovery through one of our convenient rehabilitation programs.

Physical Therapy

In physical therapy, patients focus on regaining their mobility while recovering from a debilitating injury or illness. You will work with a physical therapist who will develop a personalized treatment plan based on your specific needs and goals.

Physical therapy is aimed at treating your condition as a whole, rather than specific limitations it causes. Our goal is to help you improve your overall quality of life so that your medical condition causes as little discomfort and interruption as possible.

Occupational Therapy

Like physical therapy, occupational therapy is personalized for each patient to help them overcome disabilities caused by injury or illness. However, in occupational therapy the focus is shifted to help patients overcome specific limitations so that they can regain their independence. Occupational therapists help patients learn how to live their day to day lives despite the limitations their condition has caused.

Occupational therapy is also focused on helping patients deal with the mental and emotional challenges they may face while adjusting to a changed lifestyle. Although not everyone will be able to do everything they used to enjoy before their injury, there is often more room for improvement than you may realize. An occupational therapist can help you realize your true potential.

Speech Therapy

Some people are born with speech disorders while others experience them as a side-effect of another medical condition when they get older. Speech therapy focuses on the treatment and management speech and swallowing disorders. Part of their job is to find the cause of a patient’s problem and build a personalized treatment plan aimed at either treating the condition at its source or helping patient’s find workarounds for the symptoms.

Physical, Occupational & Speech Therapies - Outpatient Location