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Nursing at RMC


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Nursing at the Regional Medical Center

The nursing staff at the Regional Medical Center (RMC) is truly extraordinary. Our nurses provide compassionate, professional care to our patients every day. Our Shared Governance program, Nursing Mentor program and Nursing Excellence recognition programs provide the framework for success. From hospital-wide electronic medical records, to electronic Rx stations for patient medicines, to "Safe Patient Handling Equipment," our nurses have the tools they need to provide very good patient care. Learn about Nursing at RMC and what makes this team so successful.

Shared Governance Councils at the Regional Medical Center

The Regional Medical Center nursing staff participate in Shared Governance, the collaborative process of making decisions about improving nursing practices. Problems, issues, suggestions or recommendations for change are submitted in a formal process and sent through an appropriate council for recommendations.

Coordinating Council: Coordinates, integrates and oversees the activities of all the shared governance councils. The Coordinating Council facilitates communication between councils in a decision-making framework.

Evidence-based & Research: Provides current evidence-based research to improve patient care and patient outcomes.

Quality: Focuses on improving the quality of patient care using evidence-based practices (EBP) to monitor how we are doing and how we can improve.

Practice: Sets the standard for nursing care by defining, implementing and maintaining standards of nursing practice.

Management & Operations: Ensures clinical excellence by providing resource through strategic planning, prioritizing and budget development.

Education & Competency: Educates and maintains competent staff based on assigned patient population(s) for the care, treatment and services provided. Shared Governance allows everyone to have a voice and influence decisions about nursing practice. As a result of the nursing councils, nursing staff have impacted decisions about visiting hours, dress code, annual education requirements, sedation practices, supplies and nursing processes. 

NDNQI: RMC is a participant in the National Database of Nursing Quality Indicators® (NDNQI), the only national, nursing quality measurement program which provides hospitals with unit-specific, nurse-sensitive data from hospitals across the United States. RMC submits quarterly data on falls, restraints, ventilator-associated pneumonia, central line-associated bloodstream infections, nursing care hours, pressure ulcers, and nursing education and certification. These indicators allow RMC access to comparative data of U.S. hospitals on a specific unit type. NDNQI data can be used for process improvements and to track progress of these improvements. NDNQI also conducts an annual RN Survey that covers satisfaction in the work environment and rating the leadership team.

Nursing Scholarships:
RMC highly values educational opportunities. RMC and the RMC Foundation have awarded numerous nursing and student nursing scholarships. RMC offers employees scholarships to receive the following nursing credentials: LPN to RN, RN to BSN, BSN to MSN, CRNA, NP, and DNP. The RMC Foundation’s Virginia B. Johnson Scholarship was established in honor of community leader and volunteer Virginia B. Johnson. Foundation scholarship grants are awarded annually to selected students from the surrounding area who are accepted into accredited nursing programs leading to RN or higher credentials.

Nursing Mentor/Mentee Program: Mentors have a major role in helping new graduate RNs transition into their nursing careers. At RMC each new nurse is provided a mentor who serves as a positive role model and helps guide the new nurse through the orientation process. As a group, mentors meet monthly and cover topics that may be of additional education and support to new nurses. To encourage comfort and participation, mentees are involved in the selection of their mentor. Mentors initiate contact with mentees at least two times each month; however, mentees may call on their mentor as needed. Mentees participate in the program for a full year, but the friendships that develop may last forever.


RMC Nursing Awards of Excellence 2017 honorees, from left: Jesse West, RN, Nurse of the Year in Specialty Care; Ken Fogle, RN, Nurse of the Year in General Units / Supervisory Care; and Elizabeth Benskin, RN, BSN, Nightingale Award for Excellence in Nursing.

Nursing Excellence: Nurses of excellence are chosen annually from among the nursing staff and are recognized during National Nurses’ Week. 

Nurses of the Year & Nightingale Awards of Excellence

Annually, three nurses at RMC are honored with awards for nursing excellence.

Two Nurses of the Year are selected by RMC's medical staff; honorees are chosen based on clinical skills, devotion and compassion. 

One nurse is selected for the Nightingale Award for Excellence in Nursing; this award is nominated by members of RMC's nursing staff. Honorees must demonstrate clinical excellence and concern for patients, family and co-workers; demonstrate leadership; and possess enthusiasm while having a healthy work ethic.

DAISY Awards

Each quarter RMC awards outstanding nurses through the national DAISY Foundation awards program. DAISY RNs personify remarkable patient experiences and consistently demonstrate excellence through their clinical expertise and extraordinary compassionate care. Honorees are selected from nominations from patients, visitors, nurses, physicians and hospital employees. Nomination forms are available on every nursing unit at RMC or by clicking here.

Daisy Award Winners:

December 2017
Ashley Williams, RN, BSN
Progressive Care Unit 
October 2017
Caitlin Johnson, LPN
Progressive Care Unit 
 February 2017
Salley Murphy, RN
Medical Surgical Stepdown Unit  
September 2016
Destiny Murph, RN
Progressive Care Unit 
 May 2016
Sam McSween, RN
Coronary Care Unit
 February 2016
Keri Macchio, RN
Fourth West Nursing Unit
 November 2015
Eunice Imoh, BS, BSN, RN, MS
Third West Nursing Unit
June 2015
Whitney Bazzle, RN
Medical Surgical Stepdown Unit
April 2015
Kathy Breland, RN-BC
Coronary Care Unit
January 2015
Taylor Gray, BSN, RN
Second East/Pediatrics 

South Carolina Palmetto Gold Award

Presented by a coalition of South Carolina nursing organizations, this prestigious award honors the best of the best in nursing. The Palmetto Gold Nurse program recognizes registered nurses in South Carolina who exemplify excellence in nursing practice and a commitment to the nursing profession. This annual award honors 100 nurses (out of the 64,000 registered nurses in South Carolina). 

Palmetto Gold Award Recipients:


Pandora "Penny" Ryant
Nurse Director of Progressive
Care Unit,
Third West, MSSU,
Dialysis Inpatient Unit

Katrina Coleman
Nurse Director of Critical Care

Charlotte Wofford
Her Place Unit Based Educator
Sonya Kay Ehrhardt
Director of Nurse Utilization
and Clinical Administration /
Director of Infection Prevention
& Control, (PICC Program)

2011 People's Choice First Place Award - S.C. Nursing Excellence Conference

In the era of challenges in healthcare, hospitals must identify opportunities for innovation that will show process improvements while at the same time foster a culture of safety and assist in improving the bottom line.

As a result of its critical care process improvement and surveillance teams' many years of process improvements in the management of ventilated patients and those with central lines, the Regional Medical Center was awarded First Place in the People's Choice category at the 2011 S.C. Nursing Excellence Conference for its poster on reducing ventilator-associated pneumonia and central line-associated bloodstream infections. Of the 46 posters submitted, with many larger hospitals submitting multiple entries, RMC was very pleased that its entry was the People's Choice First Place award.

RMC’s winning poster entry showed how RMC dramatically decreased infections, increased patient safety and fostered a culture change, which led to a total savingsof $1,312,137 and a decrease in excess hospital days of 1,038 since 2004.

First in South Carolina to Use New Technology for PICC Procedures

The Regional Medical Center is the first hospital in South Carolina to implement the Sapiens* Tip Confirmed System (TSC) to locate the placement of a peripherally inserted central catheter (PICC). RMC uses a PICC team comprised of three specially trained registered nurses, who place an average of 90 PICC lines per month. The nurses learned about the new device and took the initiative to become the first hospital in S.C. and the 36th hospital in the nation to begin using the technology.

Career Opportunities at the Regional Medical Center

If you would like more information about career opportunities at the Regional Medical Center, click here.