Pediatric Hospitalist Program

Female takes little girls temperature.At the Regional Medical Center, Pediatric Hospitalists work with pediatricians and family physicians to provide high-quality care for children in the hospital in a way that is comfortable and reassuring for children and their parents.

RMC Pediatric Hospitalists are highly trained, board-certified, pediatricians who specialize in providing 24-hour, in-hospital care for pediatric patients who require hospitalization. Pediatric Hospitalists also attend deliveries and provide newborn care.

Benefits of Pediatric Hospitalist Program:

  • Pediatric care, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (including holidays)
  • Hospital-based pediatric specialists who are readily available to patients and their families for medical care or needs
  • Familiarity with the hospital and specialists to ensure timely follow up with tests and treatments
  • Ongoing communication and information sharing with all physicians involved in a child’s care
  • Ability to care for children with a wide variety of illnesses and medical needs including:
    • Illnesses such as bronchiolitis, bacteremia, and cellulitis
    • Respiratory illnesses such as pneumonia and croup
    • Problems with chronic illnesses such as diabetes and asthma
    • Common pediatric illnesses such as influenza and dehydration
    • Recovery from injuries or surgeries
    • Care of newborns

Pediatric Hospitalists Location