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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay for care coordination services to be part of Patient-Centered Medical Homes (PCMH)?

No. Being part of PCMH is a benefit that you receive simply by being a patient. Receiving specific PCMH services, such as telephone calls from a Patient Care Coordinator who has been assigned to help manage your care, is determined by patients’ health plans. A patient’s employer or managed care plan, such as South Carolina Medicaid, can request additional services for those they provide with health insurance. Some private health insurance plans may also include added PCMH benefits.

Why is “Care Coordination Services” showing up on my health insurance Explanation of Benefits (EOB)?

Any services or benefits provided through your health insurance plan are listed on an Explanation of Benefits. Care Coordination through PCMH is provided at no cost to you, whether it appears on an EOB or not. The insurance company has contracted with the Regional Medical Center for those services on your behalf, but neither the Regional Medical Center nor your health insurance company will ever try to collect from you for these services. Because of this, any cost that is listed on an EOB for the PCMH or Care Coordination services will not go toward a patient’s health plan deductible.