Great Care at OUR Hospital - An Open Letter to the T&D

Great Care at OUR Hospital - An Open Letter to the T&D

The below letter was originally written by Coach Willie Jeffries and published in the Times and Democrat on January 17, 2020. Coach Jeffries is now the face of Regional Medical Center, encouraging our community to visit your Primary Care Providers to receive your annual wellness screenings. Here is what Coach Willie Jeffries had to say about the care he received at Regional Medical Center:

"During a hospital stay, a patient can have a wide range of emotions. You can feel anxious, fearful and at times uncomfortable. Often times, because you’re ill, your perception of the visit is not always pleasant.

I’m pleased to say this wasn’t the case during my recent stay at OUR Regional Medical Center. I was recently very sick, and not feeling well, but the quality of care I received at the RMC was 'EXCELLENT.'

Before going into details, I would like to commend everyone from the CEO to the front-line staff for providing me and my family with such a pleasant and productive hospital experience. My care was great from the very beginning.

The admitting process was very expedient and within minutes a doctor and nurses were there to access my needs and take care of me. Every nurse that I encountered was very professional, kind and courteous. They listened to my concerns and provided me with the necessary treatment -- all while including me in every step of the process.

I also appreciate how the physicians treated me and my family with courtesy and respect. My wife and daughters really felt involved in the decision-making process concerning my care. The best part was the physician’s ability to explain my care to us in ways we could understand.

People often say your first impression is a lasting impression. I was very pleased with the nice, comfortable and spacious room. I could really tell the staff worked hard and took pride in keeping my room and bathroom cleaned every day. But even more importantly, it was always a welcoming sight to see the environmental service staff enter the room with a warm smile.

Now, the part you’ve been waiting for -- the hospital food. Very surprisingly, the food was very good. Before every meal, they gave me an option of two entrees and the food was delicious. The out-sourced caterer, Morrison’s, was a very good choice.

After my medical issues were resolved, I was placed in the rehab section of the hospital. My rehab sessions were conducted by Dr. Lamar Dawkins and his staff. They worked on my legs, upper body strength and endurance.

After the conclusion of rehab sessions, I felt like a new man ready to hit the football sidelines again. I know, I know – a man can dream can’t he? But in all seriousness, I have to say that this was my first major visit to RMC since my successful hip-replacement surgery performed by Dr. James Mara in 2012. The care that I received was good back then, and I can also see the enhancements that have been made since then!

Thanks again to all of you at OUR Regional Medical Center. The citizens of the Orangeburg area are blessed to have your presence."

You can read the original post from January 17, 2020 on the T&D website.