Just Culture

Just Culture” is a model used by high consequence industries to improve the way they approach system safety and staff accountability. By implementing a Just Culture, organizations can pursue sustainable and positive culture change through supporting a culture of learning while balancing system and individual accountability. The ultimate goals are to reduce adverse events and achieve better outcomes for patients.

Female medical provider with male patient in his room.A Just Culture has four components: create a learning culture, create an open and fair culture, design safe systems and manage behavioral choices. A Just Culture is one where all staff members feel safe to report near misses and human or system mistakes and know that these reports will be fairly evaluated and addressed. Employees are held accountable for at-risk or reckless behavior, but they are not punished for system failings over which they have no control. A Just Culture teaches how to productively coach employees around reliable behaviors, and recognize when remedial, disciplinary, or punitive actions are necessary.

RMC has embraced the Just Culture model throughout the organization. Processes, procedures and systems are continuously evaluated and monitored to ensure quality and safety for all RMC patients, families and staff.