Mission Statement

To deliver high quality, compassionate care to everyone we touch every day.

Vision Statement

To provide nationally recognized healthcare to everyone with compassion, quality, service and efficiency.

Core Values

Serve the patient first:

We treat our patients, their families, our doctors, our co-workers and all employees with respect and courtesy. Every encounter is an opportunity to show our commitment to VERY GOOD CARE.

Share and inform:

We believe by working together we can produce better results than we would produce as individuals. If we are truly committed to excellence, we will help each other be accountable to our mission, values and purpose.

See, hear and believe in each other:

We recognize and value the unique qualities of each individual. We appreciate and understand the diversity of cultures, opinions and experiences that patients, families and hospital staff bring to our environment.

Respond with your best:

We take pride in performing in a professional and competent manner. We strive to present a professional, clean, healthy and inviting environment.

Reach beyond, pull together:

We believe in continuous improvement. We must continue to grow and learn in order to provide better outcomes than our competition.

Top 3 Priorities

Passionately Put the Patient First:

Our patients are our top priority.

10-2 Rule:

As we see people throughout the hospital, within 10 feet, we establish eye contact, and within two feet, we speak to them.


Together, we accomplish more.