RMC Nurse Published in National Nursing Journal


Micki Schurlknight, DNP, RNC, clinical excellence/supervision/float pool manager at the Regional Medical Center, was recently published in Nursing Economics: The Journal for Health Care Leaders. Her article, “Improving Pneumococcal Immunization Rates Among Hospitalized Adults,” is about how RMC improved immunization rates of the pneumonia vaccine.

While studying for her doctoral degree at the Medical University of South Carolina last year, Schurlknight was required to create a process improvement project that would improve patient care. Schurlknight focused on the method that RMC used to give patients their pneumonia vaccine.

Her project led to a significant increase in the number of patients who receive the pneumonia vaccine at RMC. Her process improvements also helped decrease the amount of time needed for RMC to distribute the vaccine, making the vaccine process more time efficient for patients.

Schurlknight’s work also led to improved immunization rates for the influenza and tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis (Tdap) vaccines.

Schurlknight was inspired to begin her project at RMC because she wanted to improve patients’ “quality of care” and have “safer patient outcomes”.

“It’s very humbling that the process is not just working for pneumonia vaccines, but other vaccines as well,” Schurlknight said. “You never know how one change can impact healthcare.”

Schurlknight also produced a scientific poster related to her work that won first place people’s choice and placed third place in the category of process improvement at the 2015 South Carolina Nursing Excellence Conference held in Columbia, recently.

A native of Orangeburg, Schurlknight has worked at RMC for 14 years. She graduated with a Doctorate of Nursing Practice in nursing administration from MUSC in December 2014.

She has two children, Kaylee, 13; and Hunter, 10; and is a member of Cornerstone Community Church.

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