Donors Recognized at the RMC Blood Assurance Program Appreciation Banquet


Almost 5,300 individuals volunteered to donate blood to the Regional Medical Center’s (RMC) Blood Assurance Program in 2016. Top donors and sponsor groups were recognized during the 43rd Annual Blood Assurance Program Appreciation Banquet on April 27.

David Linder was recognized as the Top Donor at the 43rd Annual Blood Assurance Program Appreciation Banquet. Linder has donated 26 gallons of blood to the Regional Medical Center’s Blood Assurance Program. From left, RMC Blood Assurance Donor Technician Tabitha Felder and Top Donor David Linder.  
“Blood is a vital resource that requires constant replenishment. RMC is grateful to our community members and organizations who donate to help us meet the blood needs of our patients,” said RMC Vice President of Strategy & Compliance Brenda Williams, MHA, FACHE. “Each blood donation can help save up to three lives, so our donors are heroes to us and our patients.”

Together, the top three donors have donated more than 65 gallons of blood to the Blood Assurance Program over their lifetimes. The top donors were David Linder, 26 gallons; David Nivens, 21 gallons; and George “Tom” Kerr, 18 gallons. In total, nearly 300 donors were recognized for reaching a milestone between one and 26 gallons of blood.

The top sponsor groups also were recognized. The top companies were Zeus Industrial Products, Inc. with 133 units of blood donated in 2016. St. George Baptist Church was the top church or civic organization with 82 units of blood, and Edisto High School was the top school or college with 138 units of blood. A list of all recognized donor groups is listed below.

The volunteer recruiters for the top sponsor groups are Mandy Baltzegar, Tomekia Dantzler and Colette Evans, Zeus Industrial Products, Inc; Cathy Parker, St. George Baptist Church; and Col. Walter Davis and Bob Crane, Edisto High School.

Accredited by the American Association of Blood Banks and the Food and Drug Administration, the Regional Medical Center’s Blood Assurance Program is one of two independent, community-based blood donor programs in South Carolina. All blood collected at the RMC Blood Donor Center and on the RMC Bloodmobile stays in the community.

To set-up an appointment to donate blood, to ask about hosting a blood drive, or for any other information, please contact RMC Blood Assurance Coordinator Jessica Meier by calling 803-395-2630 (toll free in SC 800-476-3377, ext. 2630).

Top donor groups were:


1. Zeus Industrial Products, Inc., 133 units
2. SI Group, 122 units
3. S.C. Department of Transportation, 111 units
4. Husqvarna, 90 units
5. Phoenix Specialty Mfg. Co., 87 units
6. Allied Air Enterprises, 64 units

Churches/Civic Organizations

1. St. George Baptist Church, 82 units
2. Resurrection Lutheran Church, 44 units
3. Two Mile Swamp Baptist Church, 40 units
4. Cornerstone Community Church, 39 units
5. Cope Baptist Church, 36 units


1. Edisto High School, 138 units
2. Calhoun County High School, 96 units
3. Clarendon Hall High School, 80 units
4. Branchville High School, 78 units
5. Orangeburg-Calhoun Technical College, 57 units

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